15+ Absurd Sights That Can Make Us Question Our Sanity

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Life can get so absurd sometimes that it can make us laugh harder than a comedy show. Especially when it comes to online orders that are far from what we’ve expected or surreal fashion that has suddenly turned into a trend. And while confusion or annoyance might be our first reaction to these sights, we can choose to be grateful that they exist, as they make our life way more colorful and exciting.

1. ’’Red nail stockings’’

2. “My phone in my wife’s pocket vs my 18-month-old son’s pocket”

3. ’’I liked my coat until I tried to use the hood this morning.’’

4. ’’What we ordered vs what we got’’

5. ’’I found this beauty at my local college.’’

6. ’’My nephew was not pleased.’’

7. ’’I bought rings online.’’

8. ’’That’s not what I ordered.’’

9. ’’These jars contain the same amount of jam.’’

10. ’’I ordered a vanilla frosted donut with sprinkles...this is not what I meant.’’

11. ’’My eco-friendly packaged toothpicks are individually wrapped in plastic.’’

12. ’’I didn’t expect it to look like pig feet.’’

13. ’’My girlfriend’s expensive jeans that came with fake pockets — I can’t even return them now.’’

14. ’’This is why you check your food before you leave the restaurant...’’

15. ’’These heels that my mother thought looked good’’

16. ’’I went to my hairdresser with this pic today.’’

What’s the strangest thing you’ve witnessed recently? Do you often order things online, and do you follow fashion trends?

Preview photo credit pkkballer** / Reddit


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