15 Spellbinding Photos Taken in the Right Place at Just the Right Moment

3 years ago

A lizard walking on water, horizontal lightning, or a rainbow that got caught in a cat’s ear — these may sound unreal, but people actually managed to snap these and a bunch of other rare images with their cameras. Sometimes it’s a game between light and shade, sometimes it’s the right perspective, and sometimes it’s just pure luck. Whatever it is, we’re glad the owners of these epic shots didn’t keep them to themselves.

Here at Bright Side, we’ve selected 15 magical photos that Reddit users were so proud of, they couldn’t resist the urge to show them to the whole world.

1. “I didn’t plan the photo this way, Gizmo was just a heavenly cat...”

2. “This lizard I found ’standing’ on water in my pool”

3. “I caught these horizontal lightning strikes traveling along the base of the clouds.”

4. “I took a picture of a gecko in the shape of the Nike swoosh.”

5. “This spider managed to spin a web that holds water.”

6. “This cloud I saw at Rocky Mountain National Park”

7. “These plums I picked look like they’re covered in ice when put underwater.”

8. “I got up at 3:30 a.m. to take photos of comet NEOWISE.”

9. “This reflection from a window on pavement looks like a DNA strand.”

10. A cloud that looks like a cat lying down

11. “Every day, the sun reflecting off of my kitchen windows makes a stormtrooper in my backyard.”

12. “The reflection of this watch looks like a logo for some cat superhero.”

13. “The clouds reflected off this building look pixelated.”

14. “One of the fireworks I took a picture of last night looks like a palm tree in the wind.”

15. “Today, I caught a rainbow in my cat’s ear.”

Have you ever snapped something truly unusual with your camera? Share the photos you’re especially proud of in the comments and show them to the world!

Preview photo credit honestbleeps / Reddit


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