15+ Stories About Haircuts That Are Worth a Stand Up Comedy Show

2 years ago

Every one of us probably visits a hairstylist or a barber at least once a year. Some like these visits, while others think of it as an ordeal. But sometimes such hilarious situations happen during a regular haircut or hair dying session that they immediately become anecdotes told to friends.

At Bright Side, we couldn’t just pass by these internet users’ stories which prove that a visit to a salon can be quite extraordinary for both the hairstylist and the client.

“My dad asked me to give him a haircut. I think it’s safe to say he won’t ask me to do it again.”

  • This story happened to a friend of mine. Once she went to a salon and explained to the stylist what haircut she wanted. She even showed a photo on her smartphone. The stylist listened to her for a long time and didn’t interrupt. When my friend finished her explanation, the stylist said, “Remember, miss, you can ask for any haircut, but the stylist will do whatever they want!” PolAnd1962 / Pikabu
  • A woman in the ladies’ hairdressing program was learning how to do highlights on a client, a teenage girl with long straight black Asian hair. The client showed a picture of some very subtle highlights for reference. She was very excited about the whole process, and the great deal she got by going to a school. When they removed the foils, her hair was banana yellow. In thick, chunky streaks. To say she was upset was an understatement. She was almost screaming. anaugustleaf / Reddit
  • I have this story from a hair salon. The stylist asked me, “Who cut you like this? Everything’s askew. Terrible!” I didn’t hesitate to say that I had gotten my haircut in this salon. The stylist was silent until the end of the cut. And the salon, by the way, wasn’t cheap. Ya_vam_pishu / AdMe

“My nephew got a really bad haircut this week. I told my sister that it reminded me of someone.”

  • I usually did my haircut myself with a trimmer. Once, I went to a regular barbershop across the street. They gave me a great haircut and it was pretty cheap. I began to visit them once a month. One day, a sales assistant at our grocery store asked why I hadn’t gone to get a haircut. I got confused and asked, “Why? Is it time?” She replied, “Irene has been waiting for you for a week.” I didn’t even know that the same stylist had cut my hair, that her name was Irene, or that she was waiting for me. © Nick903 / Pikabu
  • I used to go to the same stylist at one hair salon. I really liked her: she cut my hair nicely, understood me, and the best thing, we always had a great conversation. Once I was sitting in the salon, and we were discussing Pedro Almodóvar’s movies, talking about historic books we had read on the topic, and then we switched our talk to documentaries. Suddenly a client sat down with the stylist next to us. This guy was complaining about how he didn’t like the way his bangs were and how he couldn’t style them, for 10 minutes. The stylist began to comfort him. My stylist and I fell silent at the same time. It was good that she was finishing. I couldn’t stand this whining about the bangs anymore. © Delo v shlyape / AdMe
  • I was sitting in a barbershop when a guy in his twenties came in and sat in a chair. To the barber’s question, “What haircut would you like?” he replied, “I want the trendiest haircut among guys who are 18 to 27 years old.” She turned him away from the mirror in silence, took a trimmer, and trimmed it all off. This is what I call “without further ado.” © Podslushano / Ideer

“I asked for a red to copper balayage/ombre and paid $450 for this. Is it reasonable to ask for a refund?”

  • I work as a hairstylist. A woman walked in and asked how much it would be to apply dye to the roots of her hair, put a plastic bag on, and let her go home. I told her that I wouldn’t let her go with a bag on her head. She had brought her own dye, and I said that I couldn’t be responsible for the result. Eventually, when I washed off the dye, the client was in shock, because her hair had turned red. She asked if I could change the color. I replied that she would have to pay twice. The following 90 minutes passed in complete silence. © AtatoraMatushka / Pikabu
  • Once I went to a salon to get my hair dyed. I had been there 5 times, and everything had always turned out fine. But this was not my day. First, when they washed off the dye, the hot water was switched off, so they had to do it with icy cold water. Then it turned out that the stylist didn’t do it right, so the color on the roots was terrible. When the stylist was blow-drying my hair, I was crying, and then a lock of my hair got stuck in the dryer, and it was pulled out. It was awful! But the main thing is that I wasn’t even thinking about not paying for it. Now, when I look back at that situation, I understand that the salon should have paid me for all this suffering. © Maria Lakomkina / Facebook
  • Do you know that feeling when you’re sitting in the stylist’s chair, your hair has a lot of clips in it, and you’re looking in the mirror and thinking about whether you’ve always been that ugly. Seriously, there is no other place except for the hair salon chair that can make you feel uglier. © HeIIoSidney96 / Twitter

“The force was not with my hairdresser yesterday.”

  • My friend, who is a hairdresser, told me this. Once a woman came to have her hair styled with a blow dryer. She was happy with the result and left to go home. She came back after 2 hours and began a fight. It turned out she thought that the hairdresser would apply some special chemical to her hair and that it wouldn’t get dirty for at least a week. © Maria Khavantseva / Facebook
  • My days are really busy — work, freelance, gym. Recently I couldn’t sleep properly. Today I went to a beauty salon, sat in the hair stylist’s chair, and fell asleep for a couple of minutes, right with the blow-dryer buzzing over my ear. I woke up, startled, asking, “What year is it?” I think I have to reconsider my daily routine. © Podslushano / Ideer

“I think I need to find a new barber.”

  • I wanted to dye my hair, and my friend recommended the best hair colorist in town who she herself admired. I looked at that colorist’s photos on Instagram and texted her. Her prices were 3 times higher than in any luxurious salon. I thought, “OK, she’s the best.” I decided to discuss my future haircut, but the lady said that an “even cut” was her signature style. But I can’t have that because of my hair structure. I refused politely and asked whether she could just dye my hair. No way. It turned out that she thought of herself as an artist, and I was not allowed to spoil her masterpiece with some low-grade haircut. I was stunned. I politely declined and went to my favorite stylist after a couple of days. Now I’m sporting my “low-grade” haircut, which was done the way I wanted it, not the way the “artist” wanted it to be. © Juliapo / Pikabu
  • I love when you go to a salon for a hair treatment, which means that I know that it’s dry and porous, but the hairdresser starts preaching, “Oh, your hair looks so dull, you have to take care of it...” Tactlessness, level 7,000. © KDukalis / Twitter
  • My father-in-law is over 50, and a simple working man. He usually visits cheap barber shops where they cut hair without washing it. Once he decided to go to a better barbershop. The barber told him that they needed to wash his hair, and he had never done that before in a barbershop. So, he went up to the sink, stood up on his knees on the chair, and put his head under the tap, like he did at home. When the barber saw that, she became indignant, “Are you kidding me?” But when I imagine this scene (a grown-up man with his head in the sink and his butt up in the air), I can’t stop laughing. I laugh every time I go to a salon. © Podslushano / Ideer

Did you ever have any funny or curious situation happen at a hair salon? Tell us your story in the comments below.

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Please note: This article was updated in November 2021 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.


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I'm a real blonde, went to visit my forever stylist Lizelle, Nov 2020 just to do a root touch up ~ I had the shock of my life when I saw my zebra~style hair.
In total shock I left the salon, 3 days before my birthday. A day before my birthday I went to another stylist and beg her to fix my hair, she tried her utmost best, it is still a ongoing battle but I already look way better after the 1st visit. Needless to say up to date I didn't pay my previous stylist for the mess but I also can't get the courage to speak to her because of her excuse, "don't worry, the colour will wash out it's suppose to look like that."
I will never ever refer any person to her ever again and I surely won't seek her services again even if she was the last stylist in this world.

Comment with image on Bright Side

Quite a few times over the years l have gone to a Barber to have my head shaved. l am 60 yrs old now but at one point l worked in the Quarantine area of an Animal Welfare Organisation. You see you have to wash down when you go between the cages so the different animals are Not cross infected / contaminated, and going around with Long Hair that had to be treated between cages seemed silly, hence me going to a Barber...lol

Initially the poor man wanted to be Sure l wanted my head Shaved. It was Really funny, especially when other guys came in for a cut, looked, did a double take and then sat down to watch their barber shave this strange woman's head...lol and throughout the whole thing he kept asking..."are you sure this is what you want"?

The barber only asked me for like $5 more than he'd normally charge, l gave him $10 lol And he became my favourite barber, even when l changed where l lived. Blessed Be. 👍 🌹 💜 😁


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