15 Strong People Who Won’t Give Up Even if Armageddon Hits

2 years ago

Some people have an unbreakable determination and a never-ending motivation that allow them to handle any hardship. Some are naturally born with a powerful mindset others acquire it over the years. Whichever it is, we all know that life can’t be easy at all times. In order to face its hurdles, we need to learn to fight back and never run away or get intimidated by the challenges it throws our way.

At Bright Side, we’re fascinated by people who keep on moving forward despite their advanced age, disabilities, or disease. We want to share some images with you that will leave you inspired and motivated.

1. ’’My son has been in the NICU for over a month. This is his reaction when a nurse comes in.’’

2. Here’s how my brother accepts his unique foot.

3. ’’My 106-year-old great-great-grand-aunt on her 105th birthday’’

4. ’’My mom is in her 8th week of chemo. This is her Halloween costume.’’

5. ’’My friend’s flight got cancelled.’’

6. My Italian nonno

7. ’’My mom, a probate attorney, refuses not to work on transitioning all her cases, despite being severely ill.’’

8. ’’My mom after her street was entirely flooded.’’

9. ’’My co-worker is an amputee. This was her costume.’’

10. 85 years young and grandmother is still going strong.

11. ’’Just saw the coolest old man.’’

12. ’’My kid, after 5 injections at the doctor.’’

13. ’’I drew this cat 8 years ago while incarcerated and now it hangs in my office.’’

14. ’’Built myself a Lego leg while I wait for my real one to be built.’’

15. ’’My 60-year-old uncle shredding in Kauai.’’

Do you believe that we can overcome any difficulty with a positive attitude and a big smile? What is your secret for staying strong in the face of challenges?

Preview photo credit GraphicD73/Reddit


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