21 Photos That Can Warm Up Your Day

2 years ago

Sometimes all that is needed to improve your mood is to take a look at sweet images of a baby snuggling a cat, or a pic of a touching proposal. Sharing a special moment through a photo can have a magical effect on us, leaving smiles on our faces and a warmed heart. Even the most gloomy day can be turned around with the right photo, capable of tugging at our heartstrings.

Everyone has something good to share with the world, and we at Bright Side collected some of those moments so we can all enjoy the sweet moments together.

1. A new baby meeting a new kitty

2. “Rescued a skeleton and ended up with this sweet girl who is always smiling.”

3. “My nephew cuddling with the cat”

4. “My son was having a tough day, so I put him in his favorite place.”

5. “My sister and I, asleep on a car ride home (sometime in the mid-’90s)”

6. “Whenever we foster a singleton kitten, our dog becomes a foster mama.”

7. “I met my biological father for the first time today! He’s 81 and I am 51. It’s about time!”

8. “A 9-year difference in the pictures — they’re still inseparable.”

9. “We weren’t ready for the first picture — the flash went off so quickly! Turns out I wasn’t ready for the next 3 pictures either!”

10. “He makes derpy faces when we pet him.”

11. “Take a look at this happy little spikey boy.”

12. “Today is the start of pride month. I’m so happy I survived (been transitioning for nearly 8 years).”

13. “This little guy shredded a stuffed toy...ended up with a sweet Gandalf beard.”

14. “My mom had squirrels visiting the house, and they wait patiently at the door to get some morning peanuts.”

15. “This Japanese mountain resort placed safety boxes underneath nests randomly nestled on its building’s walls.”

16. “My brother’s kids accidentally almost recreated a photo of their father and me 33 years later!”

17. “I received an offer letter for my dream job! Freaking out!”

18. “A young girl witnessing piglets being born firsthand”

19. “First night with our new senior foster; 14.5 years old and deaf. Scared, confused, and sad, my sweet husband is comforting her.”

20. “Recently moved into my first house with the girl I’ve been in love with for the past 3 years! Couldn’t be happier!”

21. “My husband took a picture of me as I said farewell to 40, and somehow I was gifted my own rainbow.”

What moments do you have to share with us? Did you grow up with a pet as a child?

Preview photo credit dinkalinkthestowaway / Reddit


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