15 Things With Powerful Backstories That Can Touch a Chord in Your Soul

2 years ago

A single thing, such as a word, can have a thousand different interpretations and convey a message. Some simple things effectively communicate stories we would not expect to hear. The mere sight of them may provoke deep emotions in their owners.

Objects become symbolic when we give them context via experience, people, and ideas. As a result, learning about their backstories makes them appear cooler or more powerful, and it only goes to show how extraordinary people can be.

Bright Side is always on the lookout for distinctive content. But most importantly, we love disclosing the stories behind these simple objects with our readers.

1. “One of my (non-verbal, 5-year-old) twins made his first-ever sentence this week.”

2. “My grandma died last week and asked for the first rose my grandpa ever gave to her be buried with her.”

3. “In 1983, I told my 14-year-old girlfriend to ’just get me a rock’ for Christmas. I married her and it’s the most precious gift I have ever received.”

4. “My father passed away in July. Mom had these gifts made for me and my brother. The best gift I’ve ever received.”

The note says:
“This is a shirt
I used to wear.
And when you hold it
I’ll be there.
Love Dad.”

5. “I received this gift from my dying grandfather.”

“He took it from his finger and placed it on mine and said, ’I always remembered you wanted it.’”

6. “My grandparents just gifted me their wedding rings a few minutes ago. I might be crying.”

7. “Both my parents passed before my daughter was born. My wife gave me this painting for Christmas.”

8. “My mom passed recently and this showed up today from my mom. I love you too, Mom.”

9. “My wife died last April and I did this to show she wasn’t alone at the end.”

10. “My wife and I tried for months to get pregnant. We just finished stocking up with baby shower gifts.”

11. “2 years ago I got diagnosed with cancer and ever since then, my fiancé has been writing me a new ’love note’ for every day.”

12. “My wife worked so hard to accomplish her goal of getting back in shape that I’m going to surprise her with a brand new wardrobe.”

13. “Last year, I got my Alzheimer’s-stricken grandma this hat as a gift. She thought it was fashionable and still wears it all the time.”

14. “My 8-year-old caught me crying over my missing engagement band and made me this.”

15. “A ’box of Love’ from my dad to my daughter — he carved each heart from a different type of wood.”

What object impressed you the most? Do you have any items to which you are particularly devoted and that have a special meaning for you?


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