15+ Times Couples Had a Hilarious Sense of Humor

4 years ago

How would you react if your sweetheart pranked you or asked you to do something crazy? These couples have the greatest sense of humor, which can help to build perfect relationships. Warning: what you're going to see might be inspirational.

A good sense of humor is one of the ingredients for a great relationship and well-being. These people can brighten up not only their lives but your day as well!

Bright Side presents maestros of jokes and pranks who might just give you an idea for this evening.

1. How much time did it take you to notice the difference?

2. This is what a perfect family looks like:

3. Choose your perfect swimsuit!

4. It doesn't matter how old you are. The way you feel matters.

5. The best example of teamwork!

6. "Today I'm going to tell you about my fantastic transformation. How to lose 20 kg!!! Teach your bf to take pics. The difference between photos is 15 mins."

7. Peter Pan and his shadow

8. Sincerest congrats from Ryan Reynolds to his wife:

9. And her response for his birthday:

10. "So my friend and I managed to win a costume contest with this (I'm Barnacle Boy)."

11. The most genuine reaction we've ever seen!

12. My wife wanted jewelry for Christmas. So I gave her this:

13. My wife asked me to take a picture of her in labor.

14. My boyfriend finds out which outfit I'm wearing to go out with him and matches it...

15. Got bored, put on an old Halloween mask, turned on the motion detection on our nanny cam, and sent it to my wife. My ear is still bleeding from her phone call.

16. And the Oscar for the best compliment goes to...

How often do you laugh together? What are your pranks or jokes for your darling? Tell us in the comments how you have fun together!

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