15+ Times Fine Dining Restaurants Went From Creative to “What on Earth Is on My Plate?”

3 years ago

Getting a Michelin star is an important event in the history of any restaurant. But sometimes, while trying to impress guests and restaurant reviewers, restaurant owners forget that real people actually come to them to eat real food.

Bright Side loves all kinds of food, so we want to show you the photos from people that just wanted to eat, instead of enjoying an art installation.

“Food served on an iPad that’s displaying a picture of a plate.”

“Rocks, and potatoes painted to look like rocks, at a Michelin-starred restaurant”

“2-star Michelin restaurant where they serve dessert on the table”

“Butter-served on a rock in a Michelin-starred restaurant”

Comment: “Imagine your first job as a dishwasher there...”

“Beef tartare served on a wooden hand. Part of a Primus-themed menu at a Michelin-starred restaurant”

“On the menu at a 2-star Michelin restaurant...”

“At a Michelin-starred restaurant in Amsterdam, my cocktail arrived in a plastic bag.”

“This 2-star Michelin restaurant is serving seafood on rocks. I can barely tell it’s food.”

“Deserts on a log at a 3-star Michelin restaurant”

“Is this forgivable when it’s a Michelin-starred restaurant?”

“The dish was called, ‘Walking deep into the woods’ or something...”

Comment: “Harry Potter’s wand, a carrot, and some hummus?”

Classic French restaurant with 3 Michelin stars serves up “amuse-bouches... like a Barbie-sized silicone implant” on a log.

“2 Michelin stars, but can I get a plate? Tipped over when they set it down...”

At a 2-star Michelin restaurant

Comment: “What’s up with the bunny sock creature? I have so many questions.”

Michelin-starred restaurant in France. Very hard to tell which part is edible and which isn’t.

“Canapés on a brick”

Comment: “Looks like the roof of a building.”

“A vegetable cracker held by clothes pins, supported by a rock”

Comment: “Is that food or a grade school art project?”

What is the weirdest meal you’ve ever seen in a restaurant? Tell us in the comment section below!

Preview photo credit AndroidNumber137 / reddit


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Personally, I wouldn't go anywhere near a Michelin starred restaurant. Presumptuous, overpriced so called food isn't my thing.


I am surprised that anywhere would allow a restaurant to use lumps of wood or old bricks near food. they don't seem like things that can be cleaned enough to serve from.


I feel like that ipad one is something that happened when those devices were new and those fancy restaurants wanted to be extra ?


I never trust that these types of photos are from real restaurants. They are so zoomed in, I start imagining someone’s house around it.


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