15 Times Life Astonished People With Spooky Surprises

3 years ago

Pareidolia is the incorrect perception of inanimate objects: sometimes it seems like they have faces, sometimes we see shapes in the clouds. You’ve probably experienced this if you’ve seen your dog’s face in a banana slice or if you’ve ever been frightened by a tap that’s “looking” at you in the darkness.

Bright Side suggests that you take a look for yourself at this list of kissing cacti, upside-down houses, screaming bell peppers, and other interesting objects.

1. When the dog looks like your slice of banana:

2. “Let us out!”

3. “My binoculars look like WALL-E’s eyes.”

4. “I appreciate that my chair is always so happy to see me.”

5. “Pulled the door handle off and he was as shocked as I was.”

6. A dragon tree

7. These kissing cacti

8. When you walk into the bathroom to see the faucet staring back at you:

9. “The steam escaping my coffee this morning briefly looked like a triumphant ghost.”

10. “Hello! How can I help you?”

11. This upside down picture of a tiger looks like an angry otter.

12. Ever notice how a hammer looks like a man about to swing a baseball bat?

13. This Jar Jar Binks plastic bag dispenser

14. “How my girlfriend set down her empty bottles...”

15. “This robot is holding on while sinking into quicksand.”

Have you ever seen anything like this in real life? Share your photos with us in the comment section, please.

Preview photo credit Theerockzz / reddit


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