15+ Times Opossums Mastered the Art of Being Adorable

2 years ago

When we were little, we would read stories about brave heroes who overcame many hurdles to rescue others. Upon growing up we realize that we can become the heroes of our own life story. Ally Burguieres, wildlife rehabber and the person behind the ItsMeSesame Instagram account, has become a flag bearer in raising awareness about the protection of opossums.

Bright Side wants you to open your heart and be marveled at what selfless kindness really means. Also, make sure to check the “awssum” bonus waiting for you at the end of the article.

Opossums have a softer side waiting to be unveiled.

Opossums are not the hissing pests lurking in our backyards as they have always been portrayed. When they know they can trust you, they are surprisingly gentle and calm.

Ally’s mission is to change the way people view them so as to make a difference in the way we treat their species. According to her, when someone new falls in love with an opossum, the world becomes kinder for the ones out in the wild.

Raising opossum awareness

Heartbreaking as it may seem, there are people who purposely mistreat and hunt them. In the cases when people do have the opossum’s best interest at heart, they do not always make the right decisions.

Opossums shouldn’t be turned into pets and we shouldn’t try to rescue an injured opossum on our own. Always seek help from a rehabber. They devote their lives into making the world a better place for these creatures.

Spread the message:

Opossums are surprisingly affectionate but they need to be wild in order to live full lives. If they require help, Ally and her team intervene. She has been able to form a close relationship with them and has realized how much we have in common with them and how interconnected we all truly are.

Sesame and his friends have not only changed our minds about opossums, but they have also opened our minds to the possibility that all animals deserve our affection, care, and protection.

All in all, even the most maligned, “unloved” animals deserve love. We just have to take a fresh look at a “disliked” animal to open our mind and our heart.


Which pic was the most charming? Have you ever helped rescue an animal? Share your story with us!

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Please note: This article was updated in September 2021 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.


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