15 Times Ordinary Things Got Creative and Pretended to Be Something Else

year ago

People are not the only ones who can play a role and put on different masks. Ordinary things and objects can also trick us with imitation. Even an eggplant can look like a surprised face that doesn’t want to be eaten.

We at Bright Side rounded up 15 funny photos that prove you need to look twice to be sure of what you see.

1. “I pulled the door handle off, and he was as shocked as I was.”

2. “Not sure if my burger is disrespecting or provoking me.”

3. Tree or turtle?

4. “This guy is creeping me out.”

5. “My trash can is haunted!”

6. Surprised emo eggplant

7. So serious

8. “My shoes are doubled over in laughter.”

9. “Is there a Chihuahua face on my girlfriend’s naan bread?”

10. “The key in the keyhole on my door looks like it’s transparent!”

11. “This piece of fluff looks like a man pondering life while sitting on a rock.”

12. “The foam in my friend’s wall looks like a man trying to squeeze through.”

13. “Your shoulders doing okay?”

14. “This wood post looks like an anxious cat.”

15. “My sprouted potato looks like a mouse.”

Which picture did you like the most? Have you been confused by an everyday object today?


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