15 Times People Brought Their Old Photos to Life

3 years ago

Having nostalgic thoughts is actually good for our health, according to experts. But, what if instead of simply thinking about good memories, we try to recreate them? Some artsy people on the internet did just that, and we’re in love with the results.

Bright Side has picked 15 of the best shots of people who tried their hand at bringing their old photos back to life.

1. “Recreating a very special moment. Third-trimester love.”

2. I saw the apron while shopping and decided to remake a Christmas memory, 23 years apart.

3. “There are approximately 20 years between these two photos of me and my mom. I painted her face, she painted mine.”

4. “Some things never change.”

5. A recreation that we did for our Nana’s photo album

6. “My Dad Holding Me As A Baby, Me Holding My Newborn Son.”

7. “My sister got married over the weekend, so we recreated this gem from our childhood.”

8. “26-year-old recreation. Me and my twin on our 30th birthday. Our most embarrassing photo.”

9. “My family Christmas photo recreated 20 years later.”

10. My younger brother and I recreated some more photos from 2000 for my Nana’s 80th birthday.

11. “Christmas — 1991 and 2019”

12. “Well, we tried... Cousins. All born about three months apart. 24-year difference here.”

13. “We recreated one of my favorite photos a few years later.”

14. “I found this Polaroid of my dad shortly after he passed a year ago. I finally recreated it.”

15. “I got photos taken of me and my 13-year-old dogs to recreate some old ones for Christmas.”

Which fond memory of yours would you like to recreate? We’d love to see your happy photos!

Preview photo credit bindisueirwin / Instagram


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