15 Times People Found Unidentified Objects and Demanded Immediate Answers

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Even for people who seem to have solved all of life’s mysteries, the world is full of amazing puzzles. Folks who have never seen the things some people use every day might find them strange. Luckily for us, you can get answers to some of these questions by asking for help online.

1. “What is this Thumb Thing that I found at a thrift store?”

2. ’’A small elephant filled with water was left at the flat after a party. Debating with my flat mates over what its purpose could be.’’

3. ’’A strange tool with a rotating head — it’s like a wooden hammer/roller, but what would it be used for?’’

4. ’’White rigid plastic with rubber inside and a circle end’’

5. ’’My dentist gave this to me after a checkup. How do I use... whatever this is?’’

  • “You put it on the end of your toothpaste tube and slowly move it up the tube to squeeze the toothpaste out.” © JeSi-Verde / Reddit

6. ’’I went away for 6 days and came home to these little brown balls spread out on the bathroom floor. They are hard but breakable, 1-3 mm.’’

7. ’’Non-magnetic copper colored balls found while tilling soil in the Santa Barbara area’’

8. ’’What’s the bottom segment of this pedestrian stoplight in Germany?’’

  • “I believe it’s a speaker giving a sound signal for blind people to let them know they can cross.” © Gollum4Prez / Reddit

9. ’’My husband and I moved into our first apartment with a dishwasher. In the utensil basket, we found metal.’’

  • “It’s a large dimpled washer. Search for tinner man washer, finishing washers.” © srandrews / Reddit
  • “That looks like a dimpled or countersunk washer to me. They are used in a wide variety of applications, however, I doubt they would have used a mild steel variety in such an inhospitable environment.” © Dr_Wh00ves / Reddit

10. ’’I saw this one taxi in Germany had this. It’s a 10 cm x 5 cm taped box. 2 or 3 cables lead into the trunk from that item.’’

  • “Looks like some sort of antenna. Apparently, exterior boxes can be used for anything from GPS to transmitting video/radio, etc. Because this looks DIY, I suspect it’s not GPS put in by the company for insurance reasons, etc. Probably something the driver did for their own comfort, like Wi-Fi or some other entertainment type thing.” © OriginalJokeGoesHere / Reddit

11. ’’I found this in Kaneohe Bay in Hawaii. It’s glass, but I’m wondering if anyone knows what it’s a part of.’’

  • “Looks like it could be a pre-1954 bottle from the Owens Illinois company based on the maker’s mark.” © ksdkjlf / Reddit

12. ’’A weirdly shaped piece of metal found at the bottom of a McDonald’s bag’’

13. “1.5 inches with a hook on one end and a cone with a lip on the other”

14. “I found this secondhand, and it opens up. It’s made of metal. What is it?”

  • “Could be a lettuce drier. My dad used a basket like this to dry off lettuce he just washed. Spun it around outside.” © booksbydate / Reddit

15. ’’I found this thing on the beach. It’s solid and smells like seaweed, what is it?’’

Have you ever discovered something that completely baffled you? Post images of riddles you can’t solve in the comments, and let’s uncover the solutions together!

Preview photo credit CleanteethandOJ / Reddit


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