15 Times People Found Weird Things, and We Couldn’t Help but Cringe

2 years ago

There are some items that aim for extreme realism but get caught in a disturbing middle-ground. For example, realistic robots that are not quite human make for quite an unsettling experience. Now we are definitely showing you some items that will evoke emotions ranging from a little smile to a sudden urge to grab your teddy bear.

Bright Side presents 15 people that found some absolutely peculiar items that they (and you) will surely remember for a long time.

1. “The coolest thing I’ve ever peed in”

2. “This mascot that’s meant to be a mascot of dentistry where I live”

3. “Found this gem while exploring an antique store with my parents.”

4. “An Oregon Trail-themed bedroom”

5. “I post this with nothing but love for it.”

6. “This corn plane in the Atlanta airport”

7. “Ribbed for your pleasure — meet the LOBS.”

8. “Saw this during a home tour.”

9. “Guys, what am I looking at?”

10. A very fancy-looking Transformer car

11. Someone got a funny idea for these old jeans they weren’t wearing.

12. “Just give me a ’quack’ and we can go on a world tour.”

13. “I really get a kick when I see this table. Don’t know about you.”

14. “These shoes I found today”

15. “A wooden Jeep I came across in Phnom Penh today — the owner said it was the only one in the country!”

Describe a situation when designers threw you a massive curveball. What’s the weirdest thing you have found recently?

Preview photo credit Stretchstrong / Reddit


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