15 People Who Seem to Live in 2050 With Their Solutions

2 years ago

Creative people, according to a recent study published in the Journal of Aging and Health, live much longer. Moreover, creative minds may become more creative as they age because of their openness. The same study highlights that creative people often respond to stress as a challenge to overcome, rather than a barrier that hinders them.

The Bright Side team combed the Internet in search of the most creative minds to inspire and enrich your curiosity.

1. “I got my first tattoo today! It’s a 6-inch ruler on my forearm.”

2. A touchless dispenser

3. “When you ask a welder to fix something for you”

4. “Home alone — had no help replacing the bottom washer.”

5. “We needed to disassemble a shelf in an office and we didn’t have a mallet. Rubber bands + hammer = mallet.”

6. “When you don’t have a humidifier, and the recent cold snap has made your home too dry”

7. “Didn’t have the proper materials while baking a cake last night, so my husband improvised.”

8. “My buddy’s pizza oven”

9. “When you need that XXL canopy”

10. “Built my own skates instead of buying them.”

11. “A recycled toothbrush holder”

12. “My new air purifier”

13. “It blows my mind that people actually pay for soft jaw pliers when almost everyone has old socks they don’t wear anymore.”

14. “Found this at work.”

15. “Finishing a steak on a chimney starter”

How do you stimulate your curiosity? Is there an overpriced gadget that you wish you could DIY? We’re looking forward to your comments.

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