15 Times People Shared How Their Expectations Were Crushed by Reality

year ago

Whether it’s an online order or a trip to a beauty salon, reality doesn’t always meet our expectations. It’s understandable to feel frustrated when the outcome isn’t what we expected, but it’s better to laugh it off and not let it ruin your day. And that’s exactly what the heroes of this article did.

1. “I just opened it. Haven’t eaten a single one yet.”

2. “Looks like my snowman is melting.”

3. “I was willing to pay premium money for a premium chocolate.”

4. “Thankfully, it comes with a window.”

5. “Jewelry kit”

6. “I ordered it online for my friend.”

7. “What the site shows vs what I got”

8. “Ordering cabbage and carrot slaw mix at my job”

9. “Sad clown”

10. “These ’smiling snowmen’ strawberries”

11. “This Belgian chocolate milkshake”

12. “Chocolate Christmas tree”

13. “Bikini Bottom is hitting hard these days.”

14. “I am getting it corrected next Thursday.”

15. “$30 protein powder”

When was the last time you were disappointed with your order?

Preview photo credit tray_cee / Reddit


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