15+ Times People’s Imaginations Made the World a Much Brighter Place

3 years ago

The human imagination is seamless. We tend to see patterns, shapes, and faces everywhere we look, like a door making a happy dog face or a twisted leaf twig that looks like a musical clef. If you come across such wondrous events around you, then you’re experiencing a phenomenon called pareidolia.

We at Bright Side are fond of collecting pareidolia pictures and would love to share the best of them with our readers. Have a look and see the “faces” for yourself.

1. Canned food that came out with a pig snout

2. “My taste buds are about to be abducted.”

3. “I think I saw one of them winking at me.”

4. A very perplexed can

5. The closest encounter ever

6. A very happy spill

7. Spirited Away vibes from this bike seat

8. “My daughter found this ’surprised little friend’ eucalyptus cone this morning.”

9. The house is enjoying some fragrant herbs.

10. The door looks like an adorable little happy doggo.

11. A pigeon pooped its self-portrait on a leaf.

12. “My car seems pretty happy about the snowstorm.”

13. The blankets created the face of a man.

14. “This owl lives on my deck.”

15. The poor guy at the bottom looks crushed.

16. The water that spilled on this deck looks like a bird.

17. They call this tool the “no prob llama.”

18. “My daughter’s car was shocked to be flipped over.”

19. “The music is not in the notes but in the silence between them.” — Mozart

Have you experienced such pareidolic events? Share your stories with us in the comments below.

Preview photo credit Ak1982 / pikabu


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