10+ Well-Known Animals Who Still Know How to Surprise Us

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No matter how much we learn about our neighbors on this planet, they still manage to surprise us. Of course, we don’t get to see а comb-crested jacana or a hoatzin every day. But the fact that hedgehogs and goats are on our list as well means that nature is truly inventive and versatile. And it surely has a good sense of humor.

We at Bright Side have seen a lot, but we have never heard about the special features of these animals before. We wonder whether you already know about them.

1. Pigs don’t sweat because they have almost no sweat glands. That’s why they cool off in a puddle or in liquid mud.

2. All female mongooses who live in the same group give birth on the same day.

3. It seems like the laws of physics don’t apply to goats.

4. Young giraffes can barely hide from predators, so they sleep for 10 minutes at a time, adding up to around 2 hours a day. The maximum length of their sleep is 20 minutes. Adults sleep like this too and rarely longer than 5 minutes!

5. A comb-crested jacana looks like an ordinary bird, until it shows you its feet.

6. To avoid predators, opossums pretend to be dead. This action is known as “thanatosis” or “tonic immobility.” Because of this, people have also, less formally, coined the term “playing opossum” to describe it.

7. Before we had time to get used to what a hammer fish looks like on the outside, we saw it from the inside.

8. Rhinos aren’t slow at all: they can reach a speed of up to 34 mph.

9. Swifts walk awkwardly because of the structure of their legs, so they drink while they fly.

10. The tooth-billed hummingbird has sharp teeth to scare away its competitors from flowers and hunt small insects.

11. Moray eels and conger eels live in a larval state for a long time. Before becoming adults, they’re absolutely transparent and can grow up to 5 feet long.

12. The hoatzin looks like a normal bird. Well, except for the fact that it has claws on its wings.

13. Did you know that hedgehog mothers carry their babies in their mouths just like cats do?

What extraordinary habits does your pet have?

Please note: This article was updated in July 2022 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.
Preview photo credit OhMyYoureS**** / Imgur


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Wow this gorilla is actually cute.. look at him ? he's so smart too


Still can't believe giraffes' sleeping routine. What a torture ?


I'm just fascinated by all these animals! Can't believe hoatzins have claws in their wings. So weird!


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