15+ Women That Prove Silver Hair Can Be Beautiful at Any Age

2 years ago

Silver hair is not a reason to feel ashamed, it’s a unique feature and many people are into now. On social media, the #FreeTheSilver movement is becoming more and more popular and women are refusing to get rid of their silver hair. And of course, they want to share their emotions after these transformations.

We at Bright Side got really impressed by the stories of these women’s bravery and we are even thinking about changing our look too. Accepting yourself for what you really are is an important step to harmony with the world. And the women from our compilation continue proving this. At the end of the article, we’ve prepared a bonus about the women that decided to not wait for their natural silver hair to appear.

“60 weeks tomorrow of growing out my greys! I love how it looks coming in and cannot wait to be fully grey!”

“I have grey hair at 29. So that’s cool.”

“One year in. The top is not as gray as the temples. Happy with the progress!”

“My mom has the most beautiful natural salt and pepper hair but has always wanted to try a fantasy color.”

“She wants to use overtone and make it a bit violet.”

“My grey curly curls. I’m pleased that I gave up on using hair dye and just let my hair grow.”

  • Thank you for sharing your beautiful grey locks. I truly appreciate seeing these. I’m getting greys and I truly hope they look as stunning as yours when I’m fully silver. © pies3-14159 / Reddit

“I’ve been going grey ever since I was 20. I’ve always been afraid of looking old but now I know that letting my grey hair grow was the best idea.”

“I’m 56 years old. 4 1/2 years dye-free and about 2 years ditching the straightener!”

“I want to transition from dyed brown/reddish hair to my natural salt and pepper (partly-grey) hair.”

“I’m looking for ways to make the transition easier.”

“I’m not even 30 years old but lately, I’ve been going grey really fast. I don’t mind this color.”

  • I don’t really know what to tell you except that IT LOOKS AWESOME!! Grey hair is so cool because not only is silver beautiful, but I think the texture looks like subtle tinsel in your hair. Plus you have great curls already, so your hair is doubly beautiful! © kreekaa / Reddit

“I love my grey hair.”

“I’m 43. Started getting greys at 23. Looking forward to it being all the way grown out”

“A good hair day and growing out my greys!”

Metal grey

“I started getting grey hair when I was 9 years old. I used to pull them out when I was younger and then dyed them when I was in college.”

“But 2 years ago, I decided to let it grow and be proud of them.”

“Almost 30 and embracing the natural face and the natural grey.”

“I got grey hair when I was young and dyed it and straightened it until I was 34. I love my hair today, I’m 40 now.”

Bonus: Silver is so trendy now that girls dye their hair silver on purpose.

  • Got my hair to grey, from dark brown. I did it myself without any beauty salons. © roxehna / Reddit

Do you have gray hair? Do you dye it or do you prefer a more natural color?


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