15+ Women Who Grew Prouder of Their Gray Hair Thanks to Stylist Jack Martin

3 years ago

The concept of “beauty” has always been a complicated one, and somehow, in our modern world, gray hair has been associated with something negative that has to be hidden, as if it were bad or abnormal. But the work of colorist Jack Martin shows just the opposite: gray hair can look great too and should be something to be proud of.

Bright Side interviewed this talented stylist and colorist who’s worked with celebrities like Jane Fonda and Sharon Osbourne, and he has a message for our readers.

“Natural beauty is the most beautiful thing a woman can wear.”

Jack Martin Salon is a beauty salon located in California, USA. It offers a wide array of services ranging from haircuts and styling to coloring, straightening, and hair treatments. But the service that has made this place popular is color correction.

Their approach to carrying out the perfect color correction is not to put color in just for the sake of it, but to “make a woman beautiful with what she naturally has.” It’s all about enhancing and using what you already have. The idea is to make a statement, to make sure that your hair can provide you with confidence.

Jack Martin also told Bright Side that what he enjoys most in his work is the creative part. Because each client is a different case, everything comes into play to achieve a great result, like skin tone, eye color, and the texture, condition, and color of one’s natural hair. For him, seeing clients’ happy faces and enthusiastic reactions are his true reward.

The celebrity colorist also wanted to send a special message to our readers: “Gray hair does not mean old age, that’s an old myth that should no longer be around in our time, so don’t be afraid and let your true natural beauty shine through. Many women dye their hair because they’re afraid of society, so please be yourself, be natural, and send a message to the whole world that natural beauty is the most beautiful thing a woman can wear.”

Jack Martin taking a picture with Jane Fonda

Sharon Osbourne’s new style

Other amazing transformations
















Would you dare try this style on your hair? Do you know someone who would look perfect with gray hair?

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I think that it also plays a big part that silver hair are trendy now :)


I also don't see anything bad in it. Instead, it's the reason to be proud of yourself and enjoy your new stage of life


but honestly, guys, these women look just gorgeous, and just because they are so happy, this makes them even more beautiful!


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