16 Animals Who Are Walking on the Edge With Their Audacity

2 years ago

We all adore our pets, but it feels like sometimes they try to get on our nerves on purpose with their sassy stunts. And while we may be angry at them in the moment, we rarely miss a chance to take a couple of pictures and capture their misbehavior.

Bright Side wishes you unlimited patience in the battle with your favorite pranksters and wants to share with you some pictures that were taken by people who have already lost this war.

“My boyfriend managed to capture the exact moment when his cat went crazy.”

“Siouxsie at 2 a.m.”

“Use a squirt bottle when your cat misbehaves,” — they said. Yeah, that doesn’t really work."

“Let’s quickly wrap it up and go home.”

“Good morning to you...”

“Murphy destroys lamps. And then he sits in them.”

“I asked Rufio for a shake. Look how sassy he got instead.”

“A photo of a sister and a brother, try to guess who is who!”

“I was trying to take a photo of the cake I just baked. But someone snuck up on me...”

“My cat waits for me to get out of the shower every day, so she can try to lick the water off me before I can dry off.”

“My dog got way too jealous when I was cuddling with my cat. He walked over, nudged him off me, and then just laid on top of him.”

“I heard you were looking for a dog sitter.”

“My dogs act exactly like my kids in the back seat of the car.”

“My cat plays hide-and-seek with me.”

“Munch clawed my back in order to lie down on it. Yet, she has the guts to judge me for not being as flat as a table.”

“My ‘emotional support animal’ reacts to me crying.”

Bonus: A cat who will never ruin your photo

What kinds of stunts have your pets pulled on you?

Preview photo credit VegMac / Reddit


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That last cat is panting because it's too hot! Get some of those clothes off the poor little guy!


I love pets that are so sassy you can do nothing else but fell for them


The hedgehog bite is hilarious. I mean, couldn't he or she bite the girl somewhere else but her nose? haha


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