16 Black and White Animals That Look So Stunning, We Gasped in Awe

3 years ago

Black and white is a color combination that we rarely see in nature, and it makes creatures colored like this even more hypnotizing. Horses, snakes, butterflies, birds, and even tigers — they all can don black and white looks — and if you haven’t seen any yet, we invite you on a journey to a mesmerizing black and white world created by Mother Nature.

Here at Bright Side, we want you to meet these 16 animals who prove you don’t have to be brightly colored to look gorgeous.

1. Black and white ribbon seals are quite rare compared to common seals.

2. An Appaloosa horse

3. Giant leopard moth

4. A white tiger

5. A bandy-bandy snake

6. An osprey preparing to dive

7. A black and white weevil

8. A black morph of the eastern quoll

9. A common eider

10. A black and white owl

11. A gorgeous black and white butterfly

12. This Valais Blackneck goat is divided into 2 parts: black and white.

13. A panther grouper

14. The silver-laced Wyandotte chicken

15. A downy woodpecker

16. Black and white cows are not out of the ordinary, but this one looks like it’s wearing an entire galaxy on its body.

Which animals from our list amazed you the most? Share your photos of gorgeous animals in the comments!


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