16 Cats Who Got Something Special From Nature

2 years ago

Avid cat-lovers know that all these whisker-clad fluffies are beautiful, without any exception. However, even these people sometimes have to admit that there are cats who we look at with a certain awe. All because nature has awarded them with a unique appearance.

Bright Side is sharing photos of 16 feline representatives with you. Once you see these, you’re going to find it hard to believe that the unique patterns and marks on these cats aren’t Photoshopped.

1. “My cat has lips and it’s freaking me out.”

2. “My friend’s cat has bushy eyebrows.”

3. “My cat has alternating color toe beans.”

4. A warrior-cat with a sword pattern on its fur

5. Did you ask for that unnaturally long tail?

6. “This adorable cat that was just brought into the shelter has one yellow eye and one Sauron eye.”

7. “Stache has been patiently waiting for me.”

8. This is Venus, the 2-faced cat.

9. “Curly’s the biggest cat in the house with the softest fur.”

10. “My cat has the universes for eyes.”

11. “My cat has flamingos instead of eyebrows.”

12. Looks like this kitty uses eyeliner...

13. Olive is a cat with sectoral heterochromia.

14. “This cat has fur eyes above its real eyes.”

15. Looks like this face belongs to another cat.

16. “My brother’s cat has thumbs.”

What does your pet look like? Does it have anything unusual in its appearance or in its character? We would be glad to hear from you in the comments!

Preview photo credit aruukys / Reddit


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