16 Designers That Turned Out to Be a Bit Too Creative for This World

2 years ago

“To err is human,” as the popular saying goes, and it has often been thought of as a way to justify the bad result of a job that someone did. For many, what should have been perfect ended up being a terrible nightmare. Sandals with grass insoles, Batman being marketed as a part of The Avengers world, and advertisements that change the faces of the models are just some of the funniest pictures that people have managed to capture and share online to prove that sometimes designers can be a bit too creative. And believe us, there are some examples here that go far beyond the word “creativity...”

At Bright Side, we made a new compilation with 16 images of designs that made us laugh out loud.

1. ’’I feel sorry for the Porsche.’’

2. ’’What in the world.’’

3. ’’As workout attire though.’’

4. “Hundreds of kids are seeing this abomination every December in my city. For size comparison, a regular kid is around the size of his shoe.”

5. New York kind of looks like London...

6. Yoshi not only had his colors inverted, but he also had a hand removed.

7. Papa Pig as a Simpsons character!

8. “I just want to find my floor...”

9. “A rusted sink at a restaurant”

10. “Let’s just go with it, they’ll never notice!”

11. “Cowboy boots, Frozen-themed, and a random hole — yep, they’re SHOES!!!!”

12. “I just...don’t understand.”

13. What kind of giraffe is this?

14. “This bathroom with too many stairs”

15. “Yabba-dabba-boo!!!”

16. Really?

Have you ever bought a product with memorable design features? Share your images in the comments!

Please note: This article was updated in February 2022 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.


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And #13 unless there's something anatomically wrong with the giraffe, it should not be on this list... it's for a kid, it's a fantasy color, I think it looks very cute and actually not at all strange.


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