A Blogger Shares Photo Posing Life Hacks That She’s Been Collecting for Years

2 years ago

Many people don’t like how they look in photos and believe they are non-photogenic. But the truth is that the art of posing for a camera can actually be mastered by everyone. Oksana Prokopenko has been running her Instagram page for several years, and it’s there that she shows, by her own example, the most widespread mistakes people make while being photographed. She also shares some life hacks for how to take successful pics.

We at Bright Side took notice of Oksana’s page a long time ago, and today, there are almost 800,000 other people who find it interesting too. With permission from the blogger, we are going to publish a simple and visual guide on how to pose for the camera based on her advice.

1. Say “no” to photos shot from above.

  • Taking a photo from above will visually shorten your legs and torso, and you will seem larger than you really are. That’s why you should ask the photographer to shoot slightly from below.
  • Accessories always simplify the shooting process because you won’t have to think about where to put your arms. You can place one in your pocket and get a bag for the second one, as it’s shown in the photo on the right.
  • Remember about posture and facial expressions.

2. A lot depends on the position of your legs.

  • I often get messages where girls say they want long, slim legs. But a lot depends on the position and the angle of the camera. I intentionally didn’t change the position of my arms to show the difference in the positioning of my legs. Never place your weight on 2 legs at once — it’s better to place it on the leg that’s farthest from the camera. Many people don’t understand why they should put their feet on their toes, but I think everyone sees a huge difference here.

3. Don’t stand right in front of the camera.

  • The position close to the camera will visually add 6-10 extra pounds to you. Try to turn around three quarters.
  • Never make a fist and don’t put your hand on your hips.
  • Bend the leg that is closer to the camera to make your legs look longer and thinner.
  • Don’t push your hips forward because it visually makes you look heavier. It’s better to put them back and tilt your head a little.
  • If you stand right in front of the camera and your legs are placed together or at the same distance, you’ll end up visually adding extra pounds to your look, shortening your legs, and making them look fatter, as is shown in the left photo.
  • It’s better to turn to the side or turn the body three-quarters.
  • Don’t hold your arms in symmetrical positions the way it’s shown in the left photo. It’s better to slightly lower one arm or to adopt the pose shown in the right photo.

4. Mind your facial expression and smile.

  • Don’t close your lips like in the left photo because it looks unnatural. After all, no one laughs without showing their teeth in real life.
  • Don’t make duck lips — it’s an outdated trend.

5. A hand touching the body is one of the most frequent mistakes people make.

  • It makes the hand blur and it appears huge because everything that is located close to the camera enlarges by a couple of sizes. Moreover, try not to touch your face with your hands but instead, try to place them the way it’s shown in the right photo.

6. You’d better not place your legs together, otherwise, it will give off the vibe of you standing on 2 sausages.

  • Try to place your legs so that there is some space between them.
  • A three-quarter turn will make you as slim as possible.
  • Don’t put your hands too close to your body and don’t hide them, as in the photo on the left.
  • Move your elbow to the side and place one hand on your head so that your fingers are visible, the other hand can be put into your pocket.

7. You need to draw the “S” letter with your body when posing — it guarantees good photos.

  • Keep in mind that 2 arms and 2 legs should be seen in the photo, otherwise, it will give the impression that they are absent.
  • Another important detail that should be controlled during a photoshoot is the position of your chin. It’s better to always put it slightly up, otherwise, you will get a double chin like in the left photo. But don’t overdo it — your nostrils shouldn’t be seen.
  • Try experimenting with your hair. If your hair is long, sometimes it’s better to put it back to get a more sophisticated photo.
  • Girls, make sure to always hold your back straight and try to make a curve in the waist area.
  • Don’t hide your neck. Slightly lift your head and mind your facial expression.

8. Never turn the knees or elbows right into the camera.

  • Try turning your elbows and knees to the side so that you don’t look too simple.
  • Stretch your neck, push your chin forward, take your shoulders back, and straighten your chest. Posture is very important for a model.
  • Never squint when being photographed. If the sun starts to blind your eyes, try closing and then quickly opening your eyes.
  • To elongate your neck, you can turn with your side and slightly lower the shoulder that’s closer to the photographer.

9. Follow some rules when posing in a sitting position.

  • One very important rule is to sit on the edge so that your legs don’t spread.
  • Try to put your feet on your toes and turn them to the side.
  • If you’re being photographed in outerwear (like a blazer, a jacket, or a cardigan), make sure to always unbutton them.
  • Always bend the leg that’s closer to the camera and lift it on your toes to avoid making your legs look as huge as they appear in the left photo.
  • If you’re photographed while sitting, it is permissible to slightly round your back and lean on your knee to achieve the effect of fragility and defenselessness. But don’t overdo it! The upper part of the body, the neck, and your belly should stay tensed — it affects the posture greatly. All of your body (the head and the arms and shoulders) should be trying to reach the knee.

10. Take photos in a sitting position to hide certain body imperfections.

  • Imperfections, such as extra pounds in the waist area or not very long legs, can be hidden. The neck should be stretched, the shoulders should be straightened, and the back should be bent at the lower back to make the body look feminine and proportional. But don’t overdo it as not to make the tension in your posture and face visible in the photo.
  • If the photo session takes place outdoors and there is wind, rejoice! There’s nothing more beautiful than naturally wild hair.

11. Pay attention to nuances if you’re photographed from the side.

  • Try to take a pose so that both your legs and arms are visible.
  • Don’t clench your fingers into a fist like they are in the photo on the left.
  • Place the hand sideways to the camera and smoothly place it on your leg.
  • If you can’t look against the light and squint, then it’s better not to look at the camera — you can just close your eyes or look away. This will add mystery and a special atmosphere to your photo.

12. Never put your hands to your face or clench them into fists.

  • You can either touch your face with the tips of your fingers or make a “lily” the way it’s shown in the right photo.
  • It’s important to remember that hands should be relaxed and soft while photo shoots and your moves should be smooth.
  • Few people think about the positioning of the shoulders while being photographed, but they also play an important role. Try to keep them at different levels.
  • Never hide your neck because it will make your face look bigger.

Are you always happy with the way you look in photos, or is there still room to grow?

Please note: This article was updated in April 2022 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.
Preview photo credit Ksuha_blond / Instagram


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or the camera above has shortened your legs and torso bcuz you've purposely changed your stance and closed in your posture.


actually very useful tips. And nothing about how to look slimmer than you actually are or how to deceive people. Love it


and then people on the internet get the opinion about you 😨


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