16 Examples of How Time Can Change Everything for the Better

2 years ago

It’s not always easy to deal with the transformations that happen to us over time, whether they be physical or emotional — especially when we remember how we were in the past and begin to feel that nostalgia for distant times. Some people like to share their past in pictures on social media and, of course, they also compare their images from years ago to current ones. They even show the great changes they’ve experienced.

Bright Side gathered several examples of the “before and after” combo posted by various Internet users in a brand new compilation. Pay attention to the “new me” these people posted after having gone through puberty.

1. “14 to 19, I thought I looked a bit man-ish back then.”

2. “16 to 28 — can we acknowledge the huge glow-up?”

3. “14 years vs 25 years and still in the process of becoming the person I always wanted to be: fearless, confident, and proud.”

4. “Me at 13 vs me at 27 — do I belong here?”

5. “13 vs 26, I just don’t know what to say.”

6. “17 to 27 — how did I do?”

7. “A haircut can change everything, right?”

8. “Me at 13 and 19 — I will not forgive my mom for those eyebrows anytime soon.”

9. “When I loved pizza and was insecure (17)’ vs ’I still love pizza and learned to love myself (25).’”

10. “14 to 22, I grew into my face and stopped hating every aspect of my existence!!!”

11. Oscar Isaac shouldn’t be allowed to post on Reddit, that’s just cheating!

12. “I feel like I’m aging backward.”

13. “19 to 28 — nearly a decade and I think I made a slight improvement.”

14. “Just needed to change my hair’s direction by 180 degrees.”

15. “15 years old vs 22 years old”

16. “14 to 20, freed my eyes and brows, lost the belly, and got a tan!”

How did you deal with puberty, and do you have any advice on how to better handle this stage of life?

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wish that id get a glow up sooner then later. i mean im 17 and i still look look like how i was in the 2nd grade but with different glasses. ITS NOT FARE!!!!!!


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