16 Girls Who Got a Short Cut and Their New Look Can Inspire You to Do the Same

3 years ago

Kristina Katsabina is an unusual hairdresser. The thing is that only those girls who dream about getting a short haircut go to her. Kristina is simply not interested in other hairstyles. Such a narrow specialization has helped her become a real professional.

We at Bright Side became convinced about her talent after we saw her work.

1. Alexandra

2. Daria

3. Anya

  • It’s wonderful! I have similar facial features and a big nose. When I look at this photo, I realize this cut will suit me as well! But I am so afraid that it won’t... I have been wearing long hair for 36 years... Where do people get their courage from?! Share some of it with me, please. © dzebags / Instagram

4. Mira

5. Oksana

6. Tatyana

7. Maria

8. Yana

9. Katya

10. Olga

11. Dania

12. Yulia

13. Alina

14. Valeria

15. Nastya

16. Anna

  • Someone planted in me the idea that having long hair is good and short hair makes me look boyish. So I have been wearing the same ponytail for many years. I have been watching your work since February and, every time, I admire the bravery of the girls and your masterfulness. I am considering getting a short cut as well. © orehovskaya_kat / Instagram

Have you ever dared to make some cardinal changes in your appearance? Please share your photos with us.

Preview photo credit kristinakatsabina / instagram


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