16 Glorious Shots That Will Perk Up Your Mood

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Finding humor in any situation, no matter how serious or silly, is a talent only a few of us possess. And capturing those moments to share with complete strangers on the Internet in the hopes of brightening up their day is truly a rare phenomenon. These 16 people weren’t just in the right place at the right time, but they wanted to bring a smile to random people’s faces as well.

1. “Came across this photo I took from 2004 up the road where I lived. How did this happen? Idk.”

2. “Waiting to get my driver’s license renewed but I don’t have paper with me.”

3. “How my dog sits in the car”

4. “Hide and seek in my son’s hospital room”

5. “I received a comedically large spoon.”

6. “Made by me and a buddy”

7. “My wife had a tortilla blanket, so I got a cheese blanket so we could make a quesadilla blanket.”

8. “My 2-year-old had the genius idea of putting our new chick on his Tech Deck.”

9. “My partner hates ’normal’ V-Day trappings, joked the only bouquet she wanted had chicken tenders and breadsticks. That’s what she got.”

“She loved it.”

10. “Hide and seek”

11. “My hungry boy wanting the crust — he acts like I starve him.”

12. “In college, I had a professor that didn’t want anyone to feel left out on Valentine’s Day, so he passed around a box for everyone to pick out a ’gift’ to take home.”

13. “Our one-eyed and newly 3-legged dog just got his wheelchair today!”

14. “My grandpa still has his balloons up that we got him weeks ago after he got out of the hospital.”

15. “This one comes with a warning.”

16. “Rory got spayed and gave my wife the most unsure grin.”

Preview photo credit littleCactus22 / Reddit


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The hungry cat is literally my 6 year old cat Moses after he literally just got fed


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