16 Guys Who Prove That “Dads Will Be Dads” Couldn’t Be Truer

Dad jokes, dad khakis, and bad bods all seem to be part of the job of being a dad. Thanks to their sense of humor and know-how, dads have a special place in our hearts, even if their jokes do run thin at times. Take a peek at these dads who may have unlocked unknown levels of parenting, leaving us all with a huge smile across our face.

1. “My best friend’s first conversation with his daughter.”

2. “Sulley costume did not fit. No time to get a new costume. I had no choice but to swap with mom. I guess I am Boo!”

3. “Dad: If you get a puppy, I’m selling him back. Also dad:”

4. “Lazy Sunday”

5. “I finally understand the purpose of the dad bod!”

6. “First concert with my two-year-old.”

7. “My daughter and I recreated a photo my wife and her dad took around 30 years ago at the Grand Canyon!”

8. “I’m officially a Dad!!!”

9. “Baby Amelie loves sleeping on daddy’s chest.”

10. “A new level of dad. My sister just sent me a photo of my dad’s wireless AirPods.”

11. “This dad picking his kid up from school dressed like a rainbow unicorn”

12. “It’s my girl’s 5th birthday today. She was born with holoprosencephaly and has defied all odds.”

“She makes me the happiest Dad that could be. My wife snapped this picture of us and it makes me smile so much.”

13. “Got our wedding pictures back today, my dad photobombing us is definitely my favorite.”

14. “My dad with the dog he barely tolerates.”

15. “My Dad had eye surgery and my mom asked where he wanted to go for lunch after, so here we are.”

16. “Maybe you.... Could be....”

What is your best dad joke? What is your best memory with your dad?

Preview photo credit jimmycthatsme / Reddit


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