16 Injured Animals Found Loving Homes, and It’s Hard to Look at Them Without Tears of Happiness

3 years ago

All animals and small children possess a great superpower: they don’t care about beauty standards and pay no attention to imperfections. Fortunately, some people also have this quality. They remember that beauty has millions of faces and no one can be perfect. We can’t say that a 3-legged kitten isn’t adorable and we can’t help loving a dog with an unusual head shape, right?

We at Bright Side want you to remember these words from The Little Prince, “It is only with the heart that one can see rightly.” Strive to look deeper and never judge people and animals by their appearance.

16. “My one-eyed, 3-legged, half-tailed dog. I love him.”

15. “Just adopted this little guy yesterday! He’s blind in one eye and his tongue doesn’t fit in his mouth, but I think he’s pretty cute!”

14. “My friend rescued this one-eyed kitty at a nursery for animals.”

13. Otitis the cat had to have his ears removed after developing Otitis externa, a condition that caused him to develop large cysts on his ears."

12. “This is Pi, he only has 3.14 legs.”

11. “This is Rue. She only has 3 legs but we love her anyway.”

10. “My old cat was born blind 14 years ago, but he still stares into your soul.”

9. This one-eyed dog is so charming.

8. “This is Hemingway. He’s only got 3 legs but has 21 toes.”

7. “I didn’t want to get another dog, but my fiancée did. So we compromised and adopted this dog.”

6. “My sister’s one-eared, no-tail rescue kitty”

5. Beaux Tox is a Labrador Retriever that was born with a facial deformity, but that doesn’t stop him from being one happy pup.

4. Fergie is a near-blind and deaf dog that has very loving owners.

3. “It was love at first sight.”

2. No one wanted to adopt Bruno because of his appearance. Fortunately someone noticed him and now he has a home and endless love!

1. Smushie was thrown away because of her deformed mouth and nose. But she found a home and people who truly love her.

Do you think people should give these animals a chance? Share your opinion with us.


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All animals deserve a second chance and a loving home no matter what. Am I right?


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