16 People Shared Pictures That Might Seem Ordinary at First Sight

4 years ago

A photo doesn’t just capture a moment, but it tells a whole story. And for some people, these pictures are even more precious than perfectly taken professional photos, without any subtext or hidden meaning.

We at Bright Side took a closer look at the users’ photos and were touched by the events they captured.

1. “From looking at my cat’s tag, you can see that he had a limp.”

2. “I found this geometry textbook from 1927, the writing says: “In case of fire, throw this in.”

3. “My barber wore out the floor where he circles around his clients.”

4. “My dogs’ fur has been slowly changing for 10 years.”

5. “My grandfather planted this oak on my birthday. And in the second photo, you can see young oak trees that have grown from its acorns. I planted them 2 years ago to honor the birth of my son.”

6. “You can find out the height of the buttocks of an average passenger by looking at the height of the polished area on the columns in the subway.”

7. “I met this girl during a program that supports children who lost their parents. This photo captured the moment after she sent a letter to her father that was attached to a balloon.”

8. “You can’t tell it from the look on my face, but this photo shows me on the verge of an emotional breakdown because I couldn’t believe I got a job in the pediatric operating room. All my hard work over the past years has come to fruition!”

9. “This print was left by an owl on my girlfriend’s window.”

10. “This photo was taken a day before my boyfriend was going for his first military posting. I was miserable. We’re driving and at the red light, he took my hand, calmed me down, and took this picture.”

11. "Western music wasn’t available in the Soviet Union, so bootleggers developed a method to press music onto x-ray film. Here is a copy of The Beatles’ “Paperback Writer.”

12. “I pretended to invite my girlfriend to go hiking, but I was looking for the perfect moment to propose to her. I set a timer on my camera and it worked just in time.”

13. “This photo was taken minutes after the birth of our daughter. I was against taking it, because I was exhausted, and I even asked my husband to delete it or to not show it to anyone. But later I realized that it was the best moment of my life.”

14. “I went through 4 rounds of chemotherapy. My fingernails have stripes where they temporarily stopped growing.”

15. “This horse had a bad previous owner. She was afraid of people and even her own shadow. It took me years to win her trust. Now she doesn’t want to communicate with anyone else except for me.”

16. “I was inspired by an educational TV program and decided to prove that fire doesn’t have a shadow. It turned out that my photo was spread all over the internet.”

What important events have you managed to capture with your camera? Share your favorite photos with us.

Preview photo credit short-_-cakes / reddit


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Nice collection of pictures :) It's so important to see things like that... There is still hope and love around us ?


The dog who changed over 10 years is like a new one haha


I'm like the girl from number 8 haha. I hardly show my feeling on my face


What a cool pictures. They made me think of this quote from the Little Prince ¨"The essential is invisible to the eyes". Don't ask me why lol


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