16 People Who Are Probably Having a Worse Day Than You

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Sometimes, the universe shuffles its cards and places us in odd situations, and we never know where we’ll be the next time something weird happens. One day, we’re on top of the world, and the next, we’re just barely hanging in there. But whatever the situation may be, experts note that turning undesirable conditions into better ones may completely change our outlook in life, and that’s probably worth a try.

1. “This is my friend’s tan line after pushing carts over the summer for Costco.”

2. “There goes my easy day at work.”

3. “Someone cut me off and brake-checked me, sending my pizza flying into the footwell.”

4. “4 days wasted”

5. “This is the vegan option served at the end of a fancy conference dinner.”

6. “Would you consider this chicken raw?”

7. “Bought new dinner plates. I guess you need to always read the back first.”

8. “What it looks like when it took you 30 minutes to realize that you accidentally made contact with 35% hydrogen peroxide.”

9. “The way my neighbors have been parked all weekend — they crowd the court I live on.”

10. “My girlfriend got a fruit cup and it’s just an orange in a plastic container.”

11. “Nothing quite like going to a job site and seeing this.”

12. “This is one of the bathroom stalls in my school.”

13. “This package of bacon I got”

14. “Is there a bigger lie than the ’lift and peel’ label?”

15. “How do I get rid of this?”

16. “Why do some people do this?”

Have you had any similar experiences? How do you deal with these kinds of situations?

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