16 People Who Showed Their Achievements by Sharing “Before” and “After” Photos

2 years ago

They say laziness is the mother of progress. However, the heroes of our article prove by example that if you practice and work hard enough, you can achieve cool results. And to prove this to be true, a pastry chef practiced for 4 years to make the cake of their dreams, and an artist worked on his portrait painting skills for 2 years.

At Bright Side, we compared “before” and “after” photos that actually demonstrate this type of progress.

“I recreated my 2018 New Year’s cake to see my progress in cake decorating.”

“I painted my kitchen cabinets and added black accessories. Now my kitchen looks totally different.”

“5 years of experimenting and practice on my stop motion puppets”

“Exactly one year of hair growth”

“From a sick 4-week-old stray kitten my husband found in a puddle to my chunky happy girl!”

She lost 140 pounds.

“My makeup progress: a colorful look in 2014 and today!”

“My 90-year-old grandmother’s handwriting before and after her focused ultrasound essential tremor treatment”

“I wanted to share my progress in teddy bear making with you.”

“I’m new to wood carving. Here’s my progress from left to right.”

“I’m feeling proud of my Jigglypuff progress!”

“My latest ceramic project next to my first one, 2 years worth of progress”

“My teeth, before and after — I had 24 zirconium crowns installed.”

“My first home! I bought it when I turned 21.”

“Since I can’t afford to hire anyone to paint or put in flooring, I’ve been teaching myself through YouTube videos.”

“We found this plant in the trash a year and a half ago, and look at it now.”

“The age progression of my bird, Jalapeño”

Do you have personal achievements you’re proud of? Tell us in the comments below.

Preview photo credit aleky8 / Reddit


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