16 People Who Totally Nailed Their Cosplays

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Most of us grew up dressing up in costumes for Halloween. But now that we’re older, it doesn’t have to mean the fun is over. Cosplay is the practice of dressing up as a character from your favorite book, movie, or video game. This cool practice started in 1984 and has become increasingly popular ever since. The people here blew us away with their cosplays. We can’t believe they are real.

1. “Leaned hard into the look my large teeth blessed me with.”

2. “My Thanos cosplay”

3. “I finished my Rose cosplay in time to post on the 110th Anniversary of the Titanic.”

4. “Peter B. Parker cosplay”

5. “Wakanda forever”

6. “I made a Kida cosplay from leftover fabric scraps at home.”

7. “In response to the Kida cosplay, here’s my Milo.”

8. “I cry, remembering old Nickelodeon, so I decided to cosplay Deborah ’Debbie’ Thornberry.”

9. “Our first Comicon”

10. “My Thor cosplay”

11. “My Maui cosplay for Comicpalooza!”

12. “Doctor Strange”

13. “For my friends’ spring-themed Zoom dance party tonight, I decided to attempt a cosplay of Ahsoka Tano.”

14. “My cosplay as Tina Belcher at Comicon”

15. “Scarlet Witch cosplay by me”

16. “My Wonder Woman cosplay. I made the costume by hand myself from leather and metal!”

Would you dare to dress up as your favorite character? Share a picture with us in the comments of your favorite cosplay you’ve done!


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