16 Photos of Kids Before and After Adoption That Can Melt Anyone’s Heart

3 years ago

Families form an important part of a child’s growing up. But there are many children who get separated from their families and end up as orphans waiting to get adopted and for a new family to welcome them. Growing up without the love and care of a family is an experience very few of us can fathom. And when these kids do finally get adopted, their joy knows no bounds.

Bright Side made a collection of photographs that show how drastically a kid’s appearance can change when they find themselves in the care of a loving family. These photographs are sure to melt your heart.

1. Look at those tricky eyes...

2. From orphans to champions

3. A life with a new family put a smile on his face.

4. After 9 years with a loving family

5. The joy of finding a loving family

6. The cutest smile from this adopted Chinese child

7. Merely 6 months and the change is clearly visible!

8. An acrobat in the making

9. Though he’s not legally adopted, this woman considers this child to be her son!

10. The amazing transformation after 4 years of living with a loving family

11. After 6 years with a loving family

12. This mesmerizing smile

13. The joy of finding a loving family

14. Love without borders

15. From hooligans to school-bound!

16. From China to the U.S.

Which photograph touched you the most? Would you ever consider adopting a child? Let us know in the comments below.

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my son wrote me from camp and said i hate it here i just want to come home. i immediately went to the web page and a gorgeous picture of him sitting in a posed group with his friends. ah he's fine, then i thought how many times did i smile for the camera when dying inside. listen to what the kids say. please even the hart kids (who begged many for help, who were determined to be floating in the river because the buyers killed them) had many smiling gorgeous posed pictures


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