16 Photos That Magically Turned Our Frowns Upside Down

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Sometimes we’ll be in the middle of a bad day and there will be more and more reasons to get grumpy. In these situations, you can always hold onto something that makes you happy to make things easier, as smiling also has a lot of health benefits, like reducing pain and stress. With that in mind, we can say that improving our moods is the best alternative for both our minds and our bodies.

To give you some good laughs, Bright Side prepared these pictures that have the incredible power to make you smile instantly.

1. “Congratulations to my friend’s 7.5-lb burrito.”

2. “A new level of dad. My sister just sent me a photo of my dad’s wireless AirPods...”

3. “I bought this and proudly display it, even though I don’t have a dog.”

4. “My dog looks like he’s about to write the most fire country album of all time.”

5. “Googly eyes on a VR headset...turned very angry with the help of a dry erase marker.”

6. “My kid made an earthquake detection kit.”

7. “I was spam called at work today by intestinal bacteria.”

8. “Grandpa just moved in. I was helping him unpack.”

9. “The best marketing I’ve ever seen”

10. “Found at my local bicycle shop, just do it.”

11. “My sister watching her homemade bagels cook”

12. “The fight has begun!”

13. “My cat moved her bed out of the corner so she could lie there.”

14. “Luckily, I’m on a diet!”

15. “Of all the things I expected to see in Alaska, this wasn’t one of them.”

16. “My wife went crazy looking for the ice tray she put in the freezer. We definitely had a good laugh when we finally found where it was.”

Have you ever seen something that made you laugh so hard your stomach hurt? What was it? We’d love to know in the comments.

Preview photo credit Ok_Finger_4553 / Reddit


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