16 Photos That Will Answer the Question “What If?” in a Simple and Understandable Way

3 years ago

Each of us has asked our parents weird questions as kids. Why is the sky blue? Why is the grass green? Why are stars big, but we see them small? What will happen if I swallow a watermelon seed? Will it grow inside me?

Though we have grown quite a bit since then, there are still some similarly strange but curious questions that tease our mind. And the answers to them seem almost mystical and unreal.

In this compilation, Bright Side has put together photos that will anticipate some of your unusual “What if?” questions and show our world from a different angle.

“Ants gutted my almond to make their own almond flour.”

When lightning strikes asphalt you get this:

That’s what a cantaloupe forgotten over a whole season in the refrigerator looks:

Sometimes seeds start to grow inside a lemon and it looks like this:

“These perfectly intact candy cane wrappers with no candy inside courtesy of ants in our pantry.”

“This chip bag is about to POP after traveling with us from low to high altitude.”

This is what a book that’s been completely ravaged by termites looks like.

“My M&M candies sank, but the Ms stayed behind.”

This is what the sea can do to a piece of glass that has gotten into its waters.

“The areas around the brown spots on bananas glow brightly when you shine a blacklight on them.”

Time-lapse photo of a beehive

Here’s what a camera that got dropped into the sea several years ago looks:

“This Dr. Pepper can has been baking in the sun, so half of it is grey.”

This is what happens when lightning hits beach sand.

This is what a hunting leopard looks like. It does this so that its prey can’t hear its feet!

“You could put 1 million Earths in the volume of the Sun — here’s what that looks like.”

What unusual questions do you have that have continued swirling in your head since childhood? Which question would you want to find the answer to today?


That lighting hit sea sand looks like a monster from cartoons :D

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