16 Photos With One Detail That Will Leave You Dying With Laughter

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According to science, people explore photos differently. While East Asians spend more time checking the background of an image, people in America focus on the main action. However, while taking photos we equally don’t pay much attention to the details in them. And later while we watch those images in our galleries we may notice some amusing details that turn ordinary photos into a masterpiece.

Our Bright Side team has prepared for you a collection of photos where small details are rather more exciting than the main action.

1. “When something in the funny family photo went wrong...”

2. “My daughter thought this was her. Bonus: My son in the background.”

3. “Just a classic wedding photo.”

4. “That neighbor who is persistently watching you”.

5. “How could they do that behind my back?!”

6. “My daughter watching Thriller while pumpkin carving”

7. “Big brother is watching you!”

8. “It was a poster on an elevator in a hotel.”

9. “A random stranger decided to participate in our photoshoot without our permission.”

10. “Not everyone seems to be enjoying this.”

11. “Don’t take photos without me-ow!”

12. “That was a nice day at the museum.”

13. “This is what jealousy looks like.”

14. “Is it the old man who photobombed the boy, or the boy who photobombed the old man?”

15. “Look at me!”

16. “Enjoying the sandwich and the view.”

Have you ever noticed some unexpected but funny details in your photos too? Share them in the comments!

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Preview photo credit Gnillab/Reddit


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