16 Pics Where the Sky Becomes a Stage and the Clouds Are the Leading Actresses

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We live surrounded by nature: the earth, the water, the air, and the sky. Nature is everywhere and in everything. And there is much to see in the sky, which perhaps we do not look at closely in the rush of everyday life. There are times when the clouds that populate it seem to be nature’s actresses, very well predisposed to show us their best role.

1. “Spotted a rainbow cloud from my balcony.”

2. Baby Yoda is in the clouds.

3. “Altocumulus clouds and a sunset at 30,000 ft.”

4. “This cloud looks like an eagle going after a fish (Muskegon, MI).”

5. “Mother of Pearl clouds over Abisko, Sweden yesterday.”

6. About to eat a tasty sandwich.

7. Man sneezing

8. An arch of clouds

9. UFO or cloud?

10. Cloud-fungi

11. “Godzilla Cloud”

12. “It’s just clouds.”

13. “Cloud that looks like a pig’s head.”

14. “On my flight today to FL. I took on phone through my polarized glasses. This is unedited.”

15. These clouds look like a mezzanine between the ground and the sky.

16. “Cloud duck over the skies of Sofia, Bulgaria.”

How about you? Have you ever been a spectator of any similar wonders? Maybe, if you look at the sky right now, you can capture with your camera some amazing cloud.

Preview photo credit nashlad_06 / Reddit


The Rainbow cloud, The Eagle going after the fish cloud, and The Darkwing Duck cloud are phenomenal!

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