16 Times Pictures Made Us See What Only Our Minds Invented

year ago

We are our own photographers, but sometimes the photos we take look strangely odd. Even our minds can’t make sense of what’s going on, and the more we look at it, the more it tricks us. We can either share it with our loved ones or spend the entire day looking at it, trying to figure it out.

1. “Ruby with a bone in her mouth makes it look like she heard some jaw-dropping news.”

2. “The man in the back of this picture looks like his hand is on the girl’s shoulder.”

3. “My sister standing right behind my cat when I took the picture makes it looks like it has a beautiful haircut.”

4. “I opened up a secret door behind a book case and it led me to this.”

5. “A fire-breathing dog”

6. A dog with a very long tail

7. “He’s really bulked up this year.”

8. A dog that is swallowed by the floor

9. “A mirror was taken to the curb on trash day.”

10. 1 cat head in 2 bodies

11. “An invisible man sitting on the chair”

12. “Feeding a horse head”

13. This dog is taking over the city — he’s huge.

14. A huge tree with a small man on the side

15. “Small kid, big feet”

16. “This animal is called a ’snoad,’ a cross between a snake and a toad.”

Which of these photos confused you the most? Do you have any shots like these? Tell us in the comments.


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