16 Times We Got Photographic Proof of Tough Luck

year ago

There is a saying about how the more you look into the pothole on the street, the more possible it is to fall into it. This is the answer for those who think they are unlucky in their lives and can’t catch a break. And while we can handle certain things, there are others that are far beyond our control. They will happen to us no matter what, if it’s their time.

1. “Two for the price of one.”

2. “Came back from vacation to find my second phone like this.”

3. “I’m never going to financially recover from this.”

4. “Mom broke her tooth after biting into a Starbucks sandwich. Turns out there was a bone in the sandwich.”

5. “My friends are just about to arrive for D&D.”

6. “Used my brand-new oven for the first time. It exploded.”

7. “Spent an hour perfectly roasting this potato for dinner, only to cut it open and find this.”

8. “My cat played with my AirPods and lost one in the heating vent.”

9. “I wore an old pair of boots today, and halfway through the day, the heels just kind of disconnected.”

10. “The bottom of the glass came off while I was drinking.”

11. “I don’t even know how he got it in there, but it was really difficult getting it out.”

12. “That’s not my house.”

13. “Not sure how it happened, but the damage was done, so I took the pic.”

14. “I got my first car yesterday! (Yay!) Also: Guess who got keyed today!”

15. “Every single onion I just bought is like this. I got them today.”

16. “Door handle at school came off.”


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Got to be a snob to think dropping glasses in a clean toilet. Like new clean. Means its over.


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