16 Unbelievably Cool Devices for Those Who Love Cooking

2 years ago

Bright Side found 16 ingenious devices which we think will be seriously useful to absolutely everyone in the kitchen. We’ve got only one reaction to this: I want them all!

16. Meat tongs

So you can cut perfect slices of meat.

15. To protect yourself against cuts

With this simple little gadget you’ll never cut yourself again.

14. Baskets for cooking pasta

It’s so easy to remove them from the heat and put them straight on your plate.

13. A special mould for slicing cake layers

Now it’ll be so much easier to make the perfect cake!

12. How to make the perfect meatballs

Never made grilled meatballs? Well, now you can!

11. A holder for a saucepan lid

Just in case you need to lift it up a little bit when cooking.

10. The perfect pastry cutter

No more arguments about whose slice is bigger!

9. Extra shelves for the oven

These are perfect for when you need to prepare a lot of things at once.

8. The apron with a removable towel

The towel is always at hand, but when you don’t need it you can simply take it off.

7. The universal drainage board

This one’s so convenient — it takes up practically no space at all.

6. The ideal saucepan for cooking pasta

No need to use a colander ever again.

5. Measuring cups and spoons

To help you work out exactly how much you need.

4. A drainage nozzle

To help you get rid of all excess water.

3. The electric whisk

If you don’t want to unpack that enormous old-fashioned blender, try this.

2. An onion holder

Hold it in place, and cut perfectly equal slices.

1. Brussels sprout prep tool

This thing quickly removes a brussels sprout’s stem and dense core, and helps loosen leaves for broiling or roasting. You can see how it works here.

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