21 Superb Tricks That Will Add a New Dimension to a Small Apartment

2 years ago

Lots of stuff, too little space: this is, unfortunately, a problem that almost every household comes up against at some point. There’s nowhere to store spices in the kitchen; shampoo bottles are falling off the shelves in the bathroom, and your wardrobe creaks from the weight of clothing you’ve stuffed in there. But for every problem there is always a solution — you just need to think creatively.

Here are 20 superb ideas for freeing up space in your house or apartment.

The kitchen

A pull-out kitchen table is one of the most straightforward, but effective, ways to free up space in the kitchen.

And here's a great idea for storing spices.

A sliding drawer is a great option for storing things like pulses, nuts, and other similar products.

A rack which fits snugly into a corner frees up a surprising amount of space next to the sink which you can use for other things.

You can now buy special divider boards (or you could of course make your own!) which can help you to fit a whole lot more in drawers.

The bathroom

Doors with glass insets allow in more light and help to at least create the impression of more space in the bathroom even if you can’t find a real way to achieve it.

Installing small shelves under the wash basin or the bath tub are a great option here to store all kinds of things.

You can always attach wicker baskets to the wall — they can hold just as much as shelves while often taking up less space on the wall.

Special plastic curtains with pockets are another option for storing the things you need in the bathroom.

The bedroom

If you have the means, it’s now possible to get a bed which can be hidden in the wall during the daytime.

You can also apply the same principle as in the bathroom, but this time with your bed — plenty of bed designs now have built-in drawers which provide much needed additional storage space.

Slide-out beds are also available nowadays for children.

Such an upstairs 'bedroom' will give you more privacy.

Or you could try something really creative: a bed, work space and wardrobe all-in-one combo.

Here's a similar design: a two-in-one work space and sleeping arrangement.

Wardrobes and clothes storage space

You can save a lot of space by having your wardrobe built into the corner of the room.

Another option is to place a pole between bits of furniture where you can hang the things you wear most often.

You'd be surprised at how much space you can save by putting up shelves for shoes in a V-shape rather than straight.

You can also store shoes in special plastic tubes to avoid piling them up in a messy heap.

Finally, you can buy special folding shoe drawers, which again save on a huge amount of space and help to keep things tidy.

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