16 Unexpected Uses for Your Beauty Products That’ll Simplify Your Life

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3 years ago

Besides their regular uses, beauty products are also convenient for other aspects of your life. Some products can be used for alternative self-care purposes, like taking care of your split ends or exfoliating your lips. Others you can apply to your daily chores, like removing permanent marker from your walls. There are lots of possibilities!

We at Bright Side were surprised about the versatility of these products and listed 16 of them for you to test in your daily life. You are welcome!

1. Toothpaste can clean an iron.

If your iron shows signs of burned areas, there is a little trick that you can use to avoid getting your clothes dirty and it’s right there in your bathroom cabinet. Rub a little toothpaste on your iron and then polish it off (make sure to turn it off first) and it should be as good as new afterward.

2. Use body lotion to moisturize dry leather.

Conditioning leather from time to time is highly recommended if you want to make it last for eternity. There are lots of products that are made especially for it, but if you don’t have any of them, you can try using your body lotion or moisturizer. Just keep in mind that it should be without alcohol, otherwise it will weaken your leather piece.

3. Hair conditioner for makeup brush maintenance

To maintain the quality of your makeup brushes, you have to treat them like you treat your own hair. Rinse with shampoo and moisturize with hair conditioner. It will make them clean, soft, and longer-lasting. Do this only if you have brushes made out of natural hair, of course.

4. Nail polish can keep buttons from falling off.

No thread and needle, no problem. For a loose button emergency, you can use nail polish to stick it to your favorite clothes. Just apply it right over the threads and problem solved.

5. Vaseline is great for repairing split ends.

When you have split ends, your hair weakens and is more difficult to achieve a long length. For that kind of scenario just apply Vaseline to the ends, wait an hour, and then wash. Not only you will see great results right away, but your hair will look totally different if you do this frequently.

6. Eyeshadows can be used as nail polish.

Now you can finally wear that bold eyeshadow that you never had the courage to use. Just apply it directly on your nails to create a beautiful ombré effect or mix it with a clear nail polish to create your own color.

7. You can use lip balm to remove stuck rings.

It’s very common to apply greasy and moist substances to remove rings that just won’t come off. You know what else is moist? Lip balm! If you’re caught by surprise with a stuck ring and all you have is Chapstick, just rub it on your finger and it will slide off with no trouble.

8. Translucent powder is an alternative to dry shampoo.

Dry shampoo is one of the handiest products ever invented! But when you’re out at a time when you really need it, you can totally improvise using translucent powder. The results are pretty much the same!

9. Conceal cellulite with hairspray.

If you’re feeling insecure about your legs, just try to apply hairspray on them. It seems crazy but by doing this, you can reduce the appearance of cellulite without spending lots of money on treatments. Just spray the aerosol, wait a few minutes until it dries, and you’re good to go.

10. Dissolve super glue using nail polish remover.

How many times have you had a hard time trying to separate things that were stick together with super glue? Well, this is now in the past. From now on, you just have to remember to apply nail polish remover because this will make everything right again.

11. Try sunscreen to remove permanent marker.

This is a very useful tool for all the parents out there! If your child is an artist and loves to draw on everything with permanent marker, just use sunscreen to remove it. You can even use the expired ones, they work just as well and you don’t have to waste anything on the walls.

12. Fogged mirrors? Use shampoo.

Shampoo is a good way to prevent your bathroom mirrors from getting all fogged up after a hot shower. Just remember to spread it with a paper towel when putting it on the mirror and it will magically stay clear.

13. Put a deodorant stick in the closet for bad smells.

Closets that stay closed for a long time or don’t have good ventilation tend to retain some weird smells. To leave a light fragrance on your clothes try using a deodorant stick. Just place it inside and let it do its job, it will totally work.

14. Reuse disposable mascara wands for exfoliating your lips.

Disposable mascara wands could have a better destination than the trash can. You can reuse them to make your lips look prettier. Clean the wand, then apply some sugar and olive oil on your lips, and use the wand to exfoliate them. The results are totally worth it!

15. Shaving cream can fix squeaky doors.

If you are struggling with a noisy folding door, you can try to apply shaving cream on it. It can make the squeaky, annoying noises go away without waiting for someone to fix them.

16. A hair dryer can be a solution for dented cars.

You know that little dent in your car? You can solve it using a hair dryer, just like the one you use on your hair. Heat the dent with it, then apply ice cubes right away, the temperature difference can make it return back to normal.

Do you have any other life hacks using beauty products? Please share with us in the comments because we want to try them too!

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I wish my mom know about the sunscreen thing. She would've been so grateful haha. I was such a creative kid…
Cool! Eyeshadow as nail polish... that's a new one! Thanks
#1 - Use paracetamol (pill) on a hot iron to remove dirt (hold the pill using tweezers) and rubb with a clean cloth

# 5 - Split ends can NEVER be "fixed", only hidden - the only thing you can do is actually cut them off!

# 7 Use thin string/sewing thread to remove a ring : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kGGwX2lY4rc

# 12 Rubb a bar of soap on a (clean) mirror and polish over with a clean cloth!

#13 a deodorant can tip over and leave a mark on clothes - better to use a bar of soap with a "perfume"-smell wrapped in a piece of cloth

# 15 Squeaky doors needs oil and you can use almost any oil - sunflower, sesame, coconut.... But it is best to use WD40!

I have used all these tricks for years and can recommend them!!

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