17 Animals Who Found Their Purpose in Life and Are Pawfully Good at It

3 years ago

It’s very easy to underestimate animals. Just like with humans, if given proper opportunities, they’re capable of incredible things. They may watch over people in hospitals, fight crime, or even act in a video game — and these are just a few things animals can excel at. But, of course, no job is too small for our responsible floofsters.

We at Bright Side salute our furry friends who do their jobs with their heads held high.

1. “K9 training”

2. “The local purrista”

3. “This is Ruby. She visited our university to cheer us up.”

4. “Catshier of the Month”

5. “This is Bill. Yesterday he had his first day of training to be my medical alert dog.”

6. “Our bookstore only carries books about cats.”

7. Someone’s going to get very lucky with this future guide boy.

8. “Good boy doggo, Uno, works very hard as a video game developer.”

9. “My dog comes to work every day. His title is Professional Napper.”

10. “My service dog, Ziva getting used to her chemistry goggles!”

The glasses actually have an important function: “The top is not completely sealed, so if she’s super close to fumes it would be bad, but they protect her eyes well from any splashes, far-off fumes, smoke, as well as UV rays.”

11. “This is our guard cat on duty. We got her a sign to accurately represent her.”

12. “A 5-day-old therapy dog in training”

13. Home inspectors looking for mice

14. “This is Hope, the newest recruit at a sheriff’s office. Soon she’ll be finding missing people and tracking suspects.”

15. “My dog working the college bookstore counter for a bit”

16. “I was laughing and my dog thought I was hyperventilating, so he got me my emergency inhaler. Thank you, buddy!”

17. “Tool dog at work”

Does your pet help you with anything at home or at work? Tell us about the good boys and girls in your life!

Preview photo credit lehnni / Reddit, duuuk / Reddit


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