17 Awesome Design Ideas That Prove Usual Items Can Be Masterpieces

5 years ago

Sometimes it just looks impossible to let your imagination run wild when having to create a print for a bag or funny packaging for candy. But the photos collected in this article prove that everyday things can look awesome if they’ve been designed by people who love their job.

Bright Side loves creative things, so here’s another article about cool items that we actually use every day.

17. These pine cones change the color of the flames when you throw them in the fire.

16. “This guy in his cooling fan jacket in 96°F Tokyo heat”

15. Bags that look like rabbits

14. “My favorite ladle: stainless steel, measurement markings, flat edge for scraping, side spouts for pouring”

13. That’s what we all need!

12. The cutest packaging ever

11. To spend time together and maintain your personal boundaries...

10. “A compartment for ketchup to stop your fries from getting soggy”

9. This fountain displays the time.

8. “This hot sauce bottle allows you to adjust the spice level.”

7. A cozy hot tub

6. Rental cars in Ireland have dashboard stickers to remind you what side of the road to drive on.

5. In Australia, supermarkets sell oddly-shaped carrots to reduce waste.

4. “The paper tag attached to my new pan can be planted to grow herbs.”

3. This packaging is marked by which step you’ll need these screws and bolts.

2. A bathtub that makes you feel like you’re part of a masterpiece...

1. Sleep masks with famous works of art on them

Bonus: A door with a door image

Have you ever seen any ordinary things that are absolutely unique thanks to their design?


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