17 Bold Fluffies Who Are Not Aware Who the Real Boss Is

4 years ago

People who own pets are usually called owners. However, some animals are totally against the idea of being owned by anyone and that’s why they riot against any hint of a hierarchy. They have already been leading the battle for who’s boss with humans for many centuries.

Bright Side editorial looked through the vast avenues of the internet and found some of these small but mighty little guys and their crimes against those who claim to be their “owners.” There is a bonus waiting for you at the end — proof that some pets can show their owners who have the upper hand, or paw, even when greeting them.

“Her food costs $90 a bag, I put salmon oil on it, and she won’t eat unless I put it on the couch. And heaven forbid, if I don’t put the chicken on it, I get this.”

“Never getting up again!”

“Right when I’m about to finish organizing all the pieces, this bold feline wanders in.”

“Spent a week on this puzzle...”

“The face of defeat. All she wanted was to drink her soup.”

“I open the cupboard for one second and she takes it as an invitation to walk in and take a seat in my freshly cleaned skillet.”

“I brought food upstairs one time and now they will not eat downstairs.”

“Climbed into my pile of clean laundry just to sit and judge.”

“Scratching the couch while his own scratching post is literally a foot to his right. ”

“Thanks, you can keep it.”

“Of all the places my cat could’ve gotten comfy, it had to be on my computer.”

“When I’m looking at my phone, my dog will duck underneath it, whip his head back to knock it out of my hands, and then get this close to my face.”

“Maya likes to lay directly on the heat vent to keep all the warmth to herself.”

“This is what I wake up to.”

“I know you’re trying to work mom, but if I fits, I sits.”

“Cheddar, my little man, yells and yells until I come watch him on the wheel — pretty much all evening — and no, just watching him isn’t enough. He wants me to walk up to the wheel.”

“My cat will do this every morning if I forget to close the door to the bathroom.”

Bonus: “How our dog welcomed my husband home after his first day at a new job.”

How do your pets demonstrate their bossiness? Please share the photos of their whimsy in the comments!

Preview photo credit Chungus_Khaan / Reddit


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This is why I'm afraid of getting a pet. It might take my place as the queen of my house haha


Well, at the end of the day they are for sure the kings and queens of our lives...


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