17 Childhood Mischiefs That Even an Angel Could Hardly Withstand

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3 years ago

The lives of parents are full of unpredictable events and surprises. You never know what little thing can cause a child’s tantrum or what they can do during 5 minutes of silence. Moms and dads have to put their patience to the test every day while their kids’ mischievous ways can drive even the most balanced parents crazy.

At Bright Side, we’re sure that children can help us learn to be patient and to calmly respond to unexpected events. We enjoyed looking through the photos from Internet users who apprehended “parental zen” despite what trouble stood before them. And at the end of the article, you’ll find a bonus feature where naughty children in the past recall their mischief.

“It took her mom 20 hours to get that out after her brother poured a container of ’Bunchems’ in her hair.”

“My friend’s toddler fed their cat and added marshmallows ’because he wikes dem.’”

“My daughter was crying this morning when my husband wouldn’t open this candy for her that she found in my purse.”

“I was pulled over for speeding tonight. This was where my driver’s license should have been. Thanks, son.”

“I’m not sure whose fault it is — my kids for not shutting the door, or me for not making sure it got shut.”

“My friend’s toddler put all their Pepsi into the mini-fridge freezer. This is the result.”

“I’m a single father and a mechanic, but every weekend, my girls paint my fingernails.”

“My 2-year-old son dropped 10,000 beads.”

“My teenage daughter put a bowl full of chocolate in the microwave but forgot to take out the metal teaspoon. And she sent me this masterpiece.”

“I enter the room and see that my 3-year-old son is trying to draw something in his sketchbook with the stylus from my graphics tablet.”

“Seeing terror in my eyes, my grandmother said, ’Don’t worry, this pen can’t write anymore. We have to throw it out afterward.’”

“Come find me, Dad.”

“It’s the best place to put the switch to charge, isn’t it?”

“I had to buy a fake apple at the store today thanks to my son.”

“My toddler made this in kindergarten with the words, “Look, Dad, it’s you.’”

“My toddler told me that she had an accident and now we had a ’wee dog.’”

“I didn’t know I was raising a mountain climber.”

“My proactive 3-year-old yelled proudly from the next room that she had put her own dish in the dishwasher.”

Bonus: the stories from people who used to be mischief-makers in the past

  • Once, my mother bought me jeans with stripes that were really trendy in the ’90s. I don’t know how much she paid for them. She raised my sister and me on her own, so it must have been hard for her. I was a very creative child, and while my mother was at work, I decided to make the jeans ripped, like in the popular videos on MTV. My outfit was completed by heavy, old-fashioned military boots. So I did it, admired my look in the mirror, and went to my mother’s work to show it off. I will never forget her face. She couldn’t even swear, she just froze. Then my mother got a taxi, silently, and sent me home so that I wouldn’t disgrace myself.
  • When I was 3, I just opened the door and went outside. The whole village was looking for me for several hours. They found me in a neighbor’s house, sleeping in bed, after I’d eaten soup from a can, put on lipstick, and dressed up in beads! I think my day was a success. It’s a pity I can’t remember that feeling. © Lena Nowak / Facebook
  • Once, my grandmother washed all my grandfather’s T-shirts and hung them up to dry in the yard. It was really cold outside. I went to the yard to take a walk, touched the T-shirts, and realized that they were as hard as a rock (they were frozen). I thought, “How can I help my grandfather, how can I make the T-shirts softer?” I couldn’t think of anything better than to take a hoe and start hitting the hanging laundry with it. Long story short, I cut all the T-shirts. Then they talked to me for a long time, explained something. I still wonder how they found strength not to swear. © Anastasiia / AdMe

Were you a mischief-maker when you were a child? Share your memories in the comments below.

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Love the contrast on the fingernail paint and the skulls on his bracelet 😂


Honestly, I would not have the patience to remove all those things from someone's hair, I would just say "cut it" 😂😂


i remember when i was little i would pee in the floor just so my mom would have to clean it up


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