17 Couples Who Make Sure Their Relationships Are Never Boring

3 years ago

Stress is one of the most common reasons for fights between romantic partners. Don’t want to fight? Have some fun; humor is a great way to escape everyday stress. Couples who share a good laugh are more likely to keep their relationship going. These guys from this compilation are doing a great job at making their loved ones, and the rest of us, smile.

Bright Side gathered some good examples of romantic relationships with a pinch of humor.

1. “I snapped a good picture of my girlfriend and dog today.”

2. “Dear Wife, hold my hand, not my head!!”

3. “Printed this and attached it to my wife’s auto-spraying air freshener while she wasn’t home. It spits ’acid’ every 30 minutes.”

4. “When I buy my boyfriend’s train ticket”

5. “My husband fell asleep on the couch. I gave him a goldfish beard.”

6. “My girlfriend’s front doormat”

7. “My wife was not impressed with her birthday gift...”

8. “My girlfriend told me to wear a plain tie to dinner tonight.”

9. “My husband travels for work. He gave me this so I am never really alone...”

10. My boyfriend didn’t warn me a wave was coming as I posed for this beach photo.

11. My boyfriend said he had a surprise for me and pulled out matching, Best Friend hand sanitizers.

12. I sent my boyfriend some selfies I took while he was at work and this is his response:

13. My boyfriend is a pizza delivery guy...So I made this lil’ painting for him.

14. My wife just texted me this picture of our cat playing behind the TV.

15. Wife forgot about tooth fairy duty and is sound asleep. Guess who gets to be the tooth fairy tonight?

16. My wife is pregnant and she thought it would be funny to take a picture of our dog’s feet looking like they are hers...

17. I attached my dog to my sleeping wife so I didn’t have to hold him.

What is your favorite way to escape boredom? Share your photos and thoughts with us in the comments!

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These couples really know how to have fun! XD Anyone else trying these photos? I know I am :)

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