17 Grumpy Dads Who Became Best Friends With Pets They Didn’t Want

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Getting a pet is a decision that brings us long-term responsibilities. Even if we are ready for them, there might be one family member who is particularly against it. However, it usually turns out that the exact person who didn’t want the pet becomes inseparable from the new furry friend.

We at Bright Side know that pets are an equal part of the family. Take a look at these 17 pictures of dads becoming best friends with the pets they didn’t want.

1. “No animals in my house.”

2. “My dad and the cat he never wanted”

3. “He was never a cat person.”

4. “Dad posing with the pup he wanted to sell”

5. “Dad and dog, hanging out”

6. Lucky dog got the whole bed to himself.

7. “Caught him hugging the giant dog he didn’t want. He was also singing the dog his own personal song.”

8. “We are never getting a cat.”

9. “Keep him off the furniture! He’s not a lap dog.”

10. “From not wanting her in the house to not disturbing her sleep”

11. “My dad used to hate pit bulls. Now River is his best pal.”

12. “He didn’t want me to foster because he didn’t want me to get attached.”

13. “My dad with the dog he barely tolerates”

14. “Dad went from not wanting to have anything to do with the dog to buying a bike with a basket.”

15. “My dad taking our cat that he said we wouldn’t be keeping on the daily walk with the dogs”

16. “Cats aren’t even good for anything. Absolutely the worst pet we could get.”

17. “Dad taking a nap with the dog he didn’t want”

How did you convince your family to get a pet?

Preview photo credit space_doe / Reddit


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